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Friday, December 07, 2012

What do you do when you miss someone and you truly want them to know but at the same time, you dont really wanna do that?

Ive started to accept the way things are, handling things with more diligence. Whatever bullshit that comes my way, stays for the day, and never to be thought off days after.
I think I've also finally accepted the idea of work, and is now eager for paperwork with a payroll at the end of the day. My dreams will come true eventually, for now, what I need to do is just.. roll with it.
I've also learnt patience. I learnt that fate will work its way.

Its December, 8 days has passed. The year has been quite upsetting for me. But I've come to a conclusion, its just for the year. Its preparing me for next year. God knows what He has planned for me. It might be a surprise.

But there's still that feeling deep down inside, that things was just perfect with you around. I wish youd knew that youve made me the happiest with your presence. I hope I will eventually get around that feeling and overcome it.

So I basically have nothing to blog about. I just drove for the first time in the heavy rain, it was scary. But it was an experience.
Alot of drama had been going on, and oh god!were they all high-school, pre-school stuff.
Ive gotten sick a few days ago. K.O-ed for 2 days. I have never experienced coughs that were agonising. With a rising temperature of 40.2. They say, getting sick was a way to erase sins. Then I am thankful for that 2 days. But, if possible never again.

So really, I dont know what is there to blog about. I just like the feeling of writing down something as if i'm writing an essay. I miss that feeling. I miss work. I miss typing. I miss learning.
My everyday is getting on to me, and I'm starting to get sick of it.
I didnt get enough sleep lastnight. I dont know why. And my aircond's broke, so another night with just the fan. I hope i'll be able to sleep tonight. And amazingly!I wasnt tired.

I actually had a great day. Family time in the morning-afternoon. Friend time at night. Home before 12. And I think its worth to be grateful for. Or maybe thats just the fatigue thats talking. Maybe I am actually tired, and writing things down is just a way for me to not realise that?hmmm.. Possible. And plus side, it makes me feel like i'm doing work and all grown up.. *beams

So..yeah, ive been saying ive nothing to write about and just kept on ranting about stuff. I think I shall for now, go to sleep. Or at least try to. Or!I could set up my station again and watch movies?Maybe. We'll see how I feel after i've clicked the 'publish' button.

Publish, its like such an official work-ish word. Gives me a sense of.. grown-up-nism (if that is even a word).

Okay I'm pretty sure I am beyond tired now, and my brain just keeps on shouting random things, so I'd still be typing and stay up for no particular reason. I think I shall set up my station. Yes I shall!
So Adios.

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